Rotation is the key.

May the Coriolis Force be with you!

The rotation is very beneficial to coffee roasting, as the beans turn clockwise in the Southern hemisphere instead of anti-clockwise in the Northern hemisphere.

As the coffee beans’ cells are arranged clockwise (as they are all from farms on the Southern hemisphere), the Coriolis forces help achieve a better second crack. This unlocks the perfect flavor and aroma of coffee roasted on the South pole!

Arctic Ice

We love rotating things

Hello, Coriolis Force!

The Coriolis what?

The Coriolis force is caused by the earth’s rotation. It is responsible for air being pulled to the right (counterclockwise) in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left (clockwise) in the Southern Hemisphere. And not only air we might add!

So what are the benefits again?

Coriolis Force

No compromise!

Just quality.

Our superclean, crisp roasts are highly sought after specialities.

As much as we ache to satisfy the overwhelming demand from AMAZA-fans all around the globe, production capacities are stone-cold limited and distributed under a strict first-come, first-serve policy.

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