Oh yeah, some people really work there!

Meet the mad coffee makers.

Meet the crazy folks that spend their time in the frosty antarctic weather just to make some amazing coffee for you. Yes you!

Team Amaza
Team Amaza

Passion or insanity?

A bit of both is needed to work down here ...

Amaza Dog Maz
Our Coffee Rescue Dog Maz
Amaza Building
Amaza Roasting House
Amaza Snow-Vehicle
Amaza Snow-Vehicle
Amaza Snow-Vehicle

We commit all our energy to creating the most amazing coffee experience the world has ever seen. That’s what drives us.

And some of the awesome vehicles we can take for a spin down here at Antarctica!

Amaza Truck

No compromise!

Just quality.

Our superclean, crisp roasts are highly sought after specialities.

As much as we ache to satisfy the overwhelming demand from AMAZA-fans all around the globe, production capacities are stone-cold limited and distributed under a strict first-come, first-serve policy.

Leave your email and stay tuned when we release the next Cool Ice batch!

Logo of AMAZA - The Amazing Coffee Company

We are dedicated to producing the finest coffee in the most unusual location, with the most progressive technology and life-despising passion.

Near McMurdo Sound,

Contact our super cool roastmaster at supercool@amaza.com

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