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Coffee is vital in an environment where science and nature intersect and strive to achieve in-depth research, breakthroughs and discoveries.

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Edward Azama, Founder of Amaza Coffee

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Edward Azama (the blurred dude in the back) on expedition with Sir Ernest Shackleton.

The Most Famous Explorers of Antarctica are revered for creating a heritage of exploration and scientific study of the most remote and mesmerising continent on our planet.

Man’s fascination for the southernmost reaches of our planet has persisted for almost two centuries, ever since British explorer James Clark Ross recognized the dramatic and inhospitable mass of ice-covered land as the Antarctic continent we now know and love.

Yet despite all this time, and all the colossal efforts made by various countries to carry out extensive research, it was our family that has understood the amazing potential for coffee roasting on the South Pole!

Our founder, Edward Azama, was not an explorer in the classical sense: he was a chef on one of the expeditions of Sir Ernest Shackleton, one of the greatest explorers form Great Britain.

During his expeditions in the years 1907-1909, 1914-1917, Edward discovered the benefits of using antarctic water and the amazing effects the icy temperatures had on the coffee quality. And his fingers! He truly lost one and a half of them to frostbite. We call that dedication …

Well, the rest is history. Try a cup and let your taste buds have the time of their life!

No compromise!

Just quality.

Our superclean, crisp roasts are highly sought after specialities.

As much as we ache to satisfy the overwhelming demand from AMAZA-fans all around the globe, production capacities are stone-cold limited and distributed under a strict first-come, first-serve policy.

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