Why our coffee?

Because of our unique process & superior coffee quality.

Amaza Coffee Cup

The green coffee beans used for our antarctic blend are grown, harvested, and brought to us exclusively from regions in the southern hemisphere.

Cryotherapy for our beans.
Once the beans reach us we treat them with a short and intense cryotherapy. That shock brings out unique flavours and aromas deep from the beans’ cells!

Quality Beans

Quality Beans

All beans are sourced only in the Southern hemisphere.

Arctic Storage

Antarctic Storage

Our beans are stored at-88 ºC. They are as fresh as it gets.

Purest Water

Unrivaled Purity

Our water is hand-drilled from the cleanest antarctic ice.

Sustainable Partnerships

We only work with the best.

"Most of my customers order frozen or slush Lattes. The hot ones are a real challenge."

Cole Dasice,
Chief Barista

Our preferred countries of origin are:

No compromise!

Just quality.

Our superclean, crisp roasts are highly sought after specialities.

As much as we ache to satisfy the overwhelming demand from AMAZA-fans all around the globe, production capacities are stone-cold limited and distributed under a strict first-come, first-serve policy.

Leave your email and stay tuned when we release the next Cool Ice batch!

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We are dedicated to producing the finest coffee in the most unusual location, with the most progressive technology and life-despising passion.

Near McMurdo Sound,

Contact our super cool roastmaster at supercool@amaza.com

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