Made from green coffee stored in our super cold warehouse at 88ºC below zero, and exclusively sourced from producers in the southern hemisphere!

Arctic Ice
Arctic Ice

Rotation is the key.

May the Coriolis Force be with you!

The rotation is very beneficial to coffee roasting, as the beans turn clockwise in the Southern hemisphere instead of anti-clockwise in the Northern hemisphere.

As the coffee beans’ cells are arranged clockwise (as they are all from farms on the Southern hemisphere), the Coriolis forces help achieve a better second crack. This unlocks the perfect flavor and aroma of coffee roasted on the South pole!

Amaza Penguins and Coffee Beans

South Pole Coffee?

Yes, of course!

We exclusively source our coffees from carefully selected partners located in the southern hemisphere. And then we get to work to produce a truly unique coffee experience. In Antarctica.

By doing so we have been supporting the community since 1956.

Coffee bag of Amaza, the amazing coffee company

Why our coffee?

Because of our unique process & superior coffee quality.

Quality Beans

Quality Beans

All beans are sourced only in the Southern hemisphere.

Arctic Storage

Antarctic Storage

Our beans are stored at-88 ºC. They are as fresh as it gets.

Purest Water

Unrivaled Purity

Our water is hand-drilled from the cleanest antarctic ice.

Oh yeah, some people really work there!

Meet the mad coffee makers.

Meet the crazy folks that spend their time in the frosty antarctic weather just to make some amazing coffee for you. Yes you!

Team Amaza
Team Amaza
Amaza Tradition

A finger or two for coffee!

Traditions and stories.

Coffee is vital in an environment where science and nature intersect and strive to achieve in-depth research, breakthroughs and discoveries.

We truly live coffee!

“Coffee is in our DNA. Ever since my grandfather founded the business we strive for excellence in coffee making. Not even frostbite can hold us back!”

Mot Azama,
Managing Director in the 3rd generation

No compromise!

Just quality.

Our superclean, crisp roasts are highly sought after specialities.

As much as we ache to satisfy the overwhelming demand from AMAZA-fans all around the globe, production capacities are stone-cold limited and distributed under a strict first-come, first-serve policy.

Leave your email and stay tuned when we release the next Cool Ice batch!

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We are dedicated to producing the finest coffee in the most unusual location, with the most progressive technology and life-despising passion.

Near McMurdo Sound,

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